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Big tent collaborations

Is it possible to deliver nationwide impact on a complex, multi-stakeholder problem, and still enjoy the process? That's what we, in the business, call a ‘rhetorical question’.

Tailored solutions suitable for:

  • Multiple groups of any size
  • Projects with multiple teams of stakeholders
  • External-facing problems with high public profiles / nationwide interest
  • Multi-year project timeframes
  • Projects requiring public sector subject matter expertise

Engagement is critical for creating effective, targeted solutions to the thorniest and most sensitive public-facing problems. Yet, when most businesses and public sector agencies start to plan consultation, the fear of making a public mistake quickly places engagement on the backseat.
The truth is, the more critical and life-changing the problem, the more impactful positive collaboration and stakeholder engagement can be. That’s because in high profile, large scale, public-facing consultations, you can’t fake authenticity and empathy. And when you do, it’s spotted immediately.

That’s why we’re trusted to deliver in this space.

bigtent high

Low risk, high engagement

Build authentic community engagement on a proven framework that helps turn your critics into champions.

People want to be heard as equal partners in an environment of honesty. Sounds simple enough, right? In practice - and at scale - it can be quite different.

That’s why we coach your team on the important actions for bringing the public into the tent in a productive way, and as part of a plan that allows for constructive criticism.

We think ahead about how communities will react and build strategies for making them part of the team.


bigtent human

We speak fluent human

What do we do differently? We continue to engage people with empathy and meaningful curiosity, regardless of the scale of the project.

It’s a skill typically associated with more intimate engagements and most quickly lost in front of large audiences.

Fortunately, we’ve made speaking fluent human a part of our DNA and a requirement for all new hires.

When we help cross-agency teams roadmap rural regulatory change, for example, we try to authentically empathise with farmers, understand the problem in its entirety, and work with them to find the right solution. Sometimes it’s just about pulling on the work boots and getting stuck in!

bigtent engagement

Engagement, scaled all the way up to 11

Like everything we do, our big tent collaborations use the core principles of co-design in a tailored package to deliver real outcomes. But while the canvas is bigger, what’s really different at this scale is a deeper emphasis on listening.

When you work at a large scale it’s easier to miss critical human details, which is why we counter that by offering everything included in our co-design journeys plus some key extra elements.

  • Persona development: Deep-dive into the end-user’s world and create an objective consensus for people’s needs and wants by co-designing in-depth user experience personas.
  • Industry engagement: Have peace of mind that your industry stakeholders are catered-for just as much as your community of end users.
  • Complete digital roadmapping: Deliver a complete digital solution for your stakeholders with a full service enhancement of our Design for Digital components.

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