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Level up labs

What’s a level up lab? It’s a short, sharp injection of awesome that creates new ways of working in small teams.

Tailored solutions suitable for:

  • 10-20 people per workshop
  • In-house teams
  • Short-term projects

If you’re leading a team tackling a problem on a tight timeframe, a level up lab offers you impact without a long journey.

levelup brilliant

Brilliant, not basic

Is it no frills compared to our co-design journeys? Kinda. But that’s the point.

In just a few intimate co-design workshops, we’ll take you and your team through an accelerated experience, designed to quickly surface critical insights or shared vision.

We employ the same principles of co-design we offer in longer engagements but at a pace and scale that reflects your pain points. The end result is a fast path to creating awesome outcomes.

Once that is achieved, we then work with you to codify those outcomes as a new way of working. This can take the form of an insights presentation or a strategic visualisation you can promote internally within your organisation to gain further buy-in.

Let's collaborate

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