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Co-design journeys

Tackle complex problems of all shapes and sizes in an environment that brings out the best in your people. Expert facilitators help you roadmap the impossible, regardless of whether it's in-person or over the interweb, in-house or inter-agency.

Tailored solutions suitable for:

  • 10-20 people per workshop
  • Multiple external/community stakeholders
  • Long-term projects

Every workshop experience is 100% tailored to your pain points and goals, using the following components.

codesign framework

Ways of working framework

Kick things off in the right way to make sure everyone is included (and no cans are kicked down the road).

Before you deep-dive into co-designing, you need a social contract that sets up a culture of productivity and equality. And those two things are not mutually exclusive. You want to float raw ideas - but with trust and psychological safety, in a culture of collaboration.
Equal voices need to carry, so it really pays to lay the groundwork first.

codesign specialist 1

Public sector domain specialists

It’s not who you know, but how you know. And on that front, we’re covered.

Our specialist team of facilitators and business analysts are steeped in public sector experience in both New Zealand and Australia. This strength in capability allows us to hit the ground running on inter-agency projects and, if required, guide you through the sometimes intricate mazes of local, regional and national government.

codesign workshop

Co-design workshops

Bring your stakeholders into the tent for high engagement solution design, so you can come together and walk away with awesome up your sleeve.

Our co-design methods challenge assumptions and places value on different life experiences in the group to help create a shared position that can be tested. And because it can be challenging for some, we pull out all the stops to make sure the F in facilitation stands for “fun”.

100% tailored workshops

codesign communitywork

Community / stakeholder workshops

Get everyone around the campfire to test your ideas, even that guy. You know who we’re talking about!

Authentic, informative engagement, delivered through tailored processes, ensures maximum buy-in from the wider community and a smoother path to real change. We help you energise your stakeholders around a shared roadmap and strategic vision.

Ongoing stakeholder management is integral to the journey when you partner with us. Industry stakeholder management is a key part of our big tent collaborations.

codesign prototype

Prototyping | User testing

Create key insights and destroy assumptions like a boss thanks to human-centric prototyping. It’s low risk, high reward stuff. Plus it’s wicked fun!

With your co-designed idea in-hand, stick the landing by rapidly learning and iterating the solution to its final form. This ensures the final product is effective and flexible for different user groups because you’ve based improvements on real human insights.

codesign digital 1

Design for digital

There's an app for everything except how to build an app. That's where we come in. 

If your problem needs digital action, we can take the findings, insights and decisions from your co-design and stakeholder engagement sessions, and translate them into targeted online experiences. 

We start with a roadmap that milestones the life of your digital project, helping you to consider the MVP (minimum viable product) for launch and prioritise development. From there, we utilise the expert digital services offered by MadeCurious to design a system and iterate it through in-depth user interface and user experience testing. 

codesign strategicvisual

Strategic visualisations

Inspire. Influence. Blow minds. That’s what happens when you cement stakeholder buy-in with visuals, not words.

There’s nothing more deflating than the dreaded “meeting minutes” email.

If you really want to encourage action after your workshop, communicate your outcomes visually in a highly shareable strategic visualisation that maps out your new shared purpose on an epic canvas.

Let's collaborate

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